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by Bobby Bailey Inc.


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About Us

Area Served

We are an Internet, Mail Order Company and distributor serving the USA. Only bulk sales are possible outside the USA.

Our Marketing

Distribution company is the simple description of Bobby Bailey Inc. Bobby Bailey Inc. (BBI) has contract, authorization, agreement and/or permission to sell other companys' merchandise or services. BBI provides web marketing, 800 phone telephone numbers, credit card processing, order processing and shipping.

Healthy Living Centers

BOBBY BAILEY INC. REMAINS THE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR ALL OF SALLY’S PRODUCTS. To answer the question about our relations with Sally Bowers or Sally Scroggins we have a signed contract in good standing registered in the Florida Courts. It is part of public record available to the public. Sally is the person who started Healthy Home & Body Centers by Sally out of UT. BBI is not Healthy Living Centers, only the Distributor as under this contract. BBI is not in any way a health care provider. Note: This is only a product line of the BBI products.

What Makes Us Different

We, at Bobby Bailey Inc., are committed to bringing you the very best products. We look for products that are petroleum free and safe for the environment, offering you a healthier way to live.

Our Products

We provide products to help you lower the pollutants in your home and other spaces (Did you know that indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air?).  We have skin care, diet products and other health care products.

Do you or a friend have a reaction to fumes from; perfumes, soaps, candles, incense, room and carpet deodorizers, cleaning chemicals, gas fumes and etc.. You are not alone. Our products have you in mind.

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If you are having a problem with our site, call. We are just as much a mail order company as a e-commerce company. We like to talk to our customers so if you need us, call. 1-210-788-9767.