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Class: Central HEPA Filtration System
Delivered Airflow: 1000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Dimensions: 17.25" wide, 28" long, 33" high
Control: Variable Speed
Power Consumption: 320 Watts
Intake: 14" round duct collar (on Top)
Outflow: Two 8" round duct collars on side
(knockouts on both sides so outflow can be on left or right)

Filter Life:
- Pre-Filter: Washable (12 months)
- HEPA Filter: 2-5 years
- Carbon Filter: 6 months
- Optional V.O.C. Canister: 12 months

Air Changes per Hour (ACH)
1000 sqft      7.5 ACH
1500 sqft       5 ACH
2000 sqft      3.7 ACH
2500 sqft       3 ACH
3000 sqft      2.5 ACH
3500 sqft      2.1 ACH
4000 sqft     1.87 ACH
4500 sqft    1.66 ACH
5000 sqft      1.5 ACH
Based on 8' ceilings

Generally speaking, the more air changes per hour (ACH) you can provide, the more effective a HEPA filter can be.
1 ACH provides excellent air cleaning results (higher is recommended for people with sensitivities).
Remember: More HEPA is better than less, but some HEPA is better than nothing at all.

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