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H2OME Under the Sink


No matter how much water you use a day, you don’t have to worry about clean water or continuously changing filters. The H2OME system has a larger capacity and higher flow rate than many other systems to ensure that no matter how large you family is or how much water you need, you’ll never run out. The system fits neatly under the sink at your home, the office, or it’s even for light commercial use. It installs easily to your cold water line and comes with an optional quick disconnect fitting. The H2OME provides you with 5,500 Gallons of fresh water before the filter has to be replaced. That’s one year of unlimited use. When it needs to be replaced, you can take advantage of our Factory Exchange Program which professionally replaces and disposes of the filter in an environmentally conscious way. 1 MICRON RATING! Product Specifications: Size: 6” x 13” Media Weight: Approximately 3.75 lbs. of Aquaspace® compound (230 cubic inches) Capacity: 5,500 Gallons (20,819 Liters) Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM Max Pressure: 125 PSI Max Temp: 85°F Efficiency: The Aquaspace compound has been tested and certified by the National Testing Laboratories, Rated at 1 micron. Filter Section: Replaceable filter media kit/ factory exchange program available.

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  • Model: SP-501A

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