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Now you can have the best of both worlds, right under your kitchen sink! The Aquarius Twin Plus (AQ-425), incorporates the patented Aquaspace® Filter Media with a Doulton Ceramic filter. The Aquaspace Filter Cartridge (AR-100) delivers chemical free water while retaining the essential minerals. The Doulton Ceramic Cartridge (AR-900CS) controls both bacteria and cysts.

The Aquarius Twin Plus incorporates a dual host diverter which returns your treated water to a dedicated spout on your faucet. There's no more messy leaks or drips like most conventional counter tops and the unit comes with an elongated hose which allows you to place the unit away from the sink area, free from clutter unlike most conventional models. The unit comes complete with cartridges installed, so simply hook it up and enjoy!

12" x 5 ½" x 9"

1,000 Gallons (3,784 Liters)

Flow Rate
0.8 GPM

The Aquaspace® compound has been tested and certified by the National Testing Laboratories.

Filter Section
The Aquaspace 9 3/4" Filter Cartridge (AR-100), rated 1 micron, should be replaced every 12 months

and The 9 3/4" Royal Doulton Ceramic Cartridge (AR-900CS), rated 0.2 micron, can be replaced every 24 months (cleanable)

Aquaspace compound reduces organics, industrial and agricultural pollutants including chlorine, chloroform, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals such as lead. In addition, Aquaspace removes unpleasant colors, odors, tastes, sediment and turbidity. It does not remove beneficial dissolved minerals that are essential for good health. The Doulton Ceramic filter controls bacteria and cysts.

One full year for material and workmanship. Due to varying water quality, the filter section is not covered under warranty. Maintenance free.

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